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things to call a girl like babe?

Question by Murda Child: things to call a girl like babe?
im talking to this really cute girl and we pretty much dating she calls me dear so i called here hun and babe anybody know anymore
please no corny ones like sweetcheeks

Best answer:

Answer by Mammamia3
your sweetness

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Ok….do all Saudi guys call girls Sweetie?

Question by ShyGirl Leila: Ok….do all Saudi guys call girls Sweetie?
My boy calls me that all the time (He is in Riyadh) but i have noticed that alot of Saudi guys call girls that lol. Not that i am offended i am just curious! :)

Best answer:

Answer by KittyKatt
I have no idea wow random question eh?

Good Luck!
Please answer my question ––&paid=asked&msgr_status=

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Massages and Happy Endings?

Question by : Massages and Happy Endings?
I’m just wondering do all massage places do “happy endings”? I’m getting a massage at the weekend and I’m kind of nervous about asking whether there is a happy ending. I’ve only ever had one massage before and that included a happy ending.

Best answer:

Answer by monocyte
I do not think that any reputable massage place will offer a “happy ending” massage. These kinds places are usually illegal, unless you are in Nevada. Why not have a real massage from a licensed practitioner and do the “happy endings” yourself.

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I want to know the meaning of the word “matuse”, Or maybe its spelled “mateuse”?

Question by SLEEP IS FOR SISSIES: I want to know the meaning of the word “matuse”, Or maybe its spelled “mateuse”?
It is pronounced ” ma-toose ” I need the answer for a friend of mine.

Best answer:

Answer by Monkeymini24
Do you mean masseuse? It means a woman who massages other people professionally. Also known as a masseur (if the “massager” is a man)

Add your own answer in the comments! Presents Their Fall 2012 Play Advances Language (PAL) Award Winners, The Best Toys, Books and Games To Spark Fun And Encourage Language Development

Southport, Connecticut (PAMELA MASSAGE) October 24, 2012

Play On Words LLC, led by highly respected speech therapist Sherry Artemenko, announces 2012′s Fall PAL Winners. This recognition is the toy industrys only program directed by a credentialed speech-language expert recognizing the language learning edge in exceptional toys, games and books. Distinguished by unique design, quality and character, these PAL winners can generate rich play that advances language. Sherry’s 35 years of child development experience with over 15,000 hours working with kids empower her PAL selections, popular blog, private practice and media appearances.

“I’m excited to see companies taking a closer look at their products to find the language learning potential for ALL kids to play together, while making it easier for parents by listing their toy’s skills on the packaging or in learning guides in the box. Manufacturers are valuing my advice on how to use their toys to maximize learning, ‘We can’t wait to see what you think!’ The PAL seal, awarded to global enterprises and start-ups alike, differentiates the companies who know the marketplace now demands products that are not only fun, but educational. The PAL Award seal says just that.

Fall 2012 Play Advances Language (PAL) Award Winners listed by language learning category:

EARLY DEVELOPMENT – Sherrys background in pediatric speech therapy gives her an eye for the best products to build physical and cognitive strength to prepare a child for her first sounds, words and sentences. From animating chunky animal puzzle pieces to swatting at dangling faces on a baby gym, kids learn essentials leading to language.

Baby Drive n Push Racer by Blue Box Toys
Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman
Big Book of My World by Kali Stileman
Chicken and Egg Stackers by Earlyears
Chunky Lift Out Farm Puzzle by Bigjigs Toys
Dedee Duck Bath Organizer by Blue Box Toys
Pop and Play Pop and Swap Gym by Infantino
Pull-Along Snail by Plan Toys
Stacking Bear by Plan Toys
Train 24 Piece Tray Puzzle by Bigjigs Toys
What Can a Crane Pick Up? by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Mike Lowery

LANGUAGE STRUCTURE – These outstanding products build language structure, often teaching vocabulary, concepts or grammar while delivering fun. Assembling a story from illustrated dice, representing a word or concept through objects, or questioning a friend to guess his pretend identity all strengthen communication.

A Meal of the Stars by Dana Jenson and Tricia Tusa
Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game by Wonder Forge
Dr. Seuss Fun Machine by Wonder Forge
FitzIt by Gamewright
Flapz by Blue Orange Games
HEDBANZ by Spin Master Ltd.
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Never Land Challenge by Wonder Forge
Morphology Junior by Morphology Games
Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills
Rorys Story CubesActions by Gamewright
Rory’s Story Cubes MAX by Creativity Hub Ltd.
Shrimp Cocktail by Blue Orange Games
Spot it Jr! Animals by Blue Orange Games

(PRE)READING – From racing to form words, identifying pictures beginning with specific sounds, or listening to a delightful picture book full of repeated phrases and bold words, children can pick up essential skills to promote reading.

Block Crayon by Wooky Entertainment
Dice-T by The Haywire Group
Just Say BOO! by Susan Hood and Jed Henry
KerFlip! by Creative Foundry Games
Letter Sounds by Rock ‘N’ Learn
Scrambled States of America GameDeluxe Edition by Gamewright
Speedeebee by Blue Orange Games
Word Wave by Spin Master Ltd.
Word Pirates by The Haywire Group
Zingo! Sight Words by ThinkFun

STORY TELLING / PRETEND PLAY – When operating and protecting a futuristic planet’s headquarters, preparing a picnic outside the dollhouse, or tranpsorting an injured person by helicopter, children enter the world of pretend, creating their own stories with plenty of flexible props to guide them. Oral story-telling precedes writing as kids learn the steps to create a good narrative.

Blossom Cottage by Bigjigs Toys
Cake Set by Plan Toys
E-Rangers Headquarters by Playmobil
GEM by Hollie Hobbie
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Who Shook Hook? by Wonder Forge
Master Workbench by HaPe International Inc.
Mossy by Jan Brett
Olivias Tree House by Lego
Play House by Plan Toys
Salad Set by Green Toys Inc.
Sandzini Creator Set, Ice Cream Parlor by Ohio Art
Spike the Mixed-Up Monster by Susan Hood and Melissa Sweet
Storymatic Kids by The Storymatic Corporation
Tea Set by Plan Toys
Tell Tale Fairy Tales by Blue Orange
The Tooth Mouse by Susan Hood and Janice Nadeau
Tinkertoy Transit Set by KNEX
Toobers and Zots by Little Kids, Inc.
Wow Fire Rescue Rory by Ravensburger

SOCIAL LANGUAGE – Pairing closely with pretend play, social language blossoms when children play with toys that encourage extended social interactions. Working cooperatively to feed a Woozle, acting out a Disney Princess story, or teaming on a beautiful puzzle, promote one-on-one and group interaction.

Chromadepth Puzzles with 3D Glasses by Ravensburger
Cuddlepuppets by Cuddleuppets
Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Game by Wonder Forge
Feed the Woozle by Peaceable Kingdom
Race to the Treasure by Peaceable Kingdom
Seeds for the Birds by Peaceable Kingdom
Spontuneous by Spontuneous Games, Inc.

Congratulations to our PAL Winners who are listening to their markets and delivering a powerful value proposition, namely, great language learning paired with play.

To see all Playonwords PAL Award winners, go to:

ABOUT PLAYONWORDS LLC was founded by well respected speech language pathologist, Sherry Artemenko, a 35 year champion of language driven play. Her esteemed PAL Award, popular blog, and helpful tips to parents set her apart as a leader advocating the language component in toys.

Over 15,000 hours working directly with children has shown her that a unique subset of the best toys, games and books have the capability to develop language while delivering great play. Studies show:

Kids with highest IQs at three, had the most words at one and two
Language learning is cumulative early words => early sentences => language and reading
Most kids maintain their verbal advantage through childhood
Sherry established the PAL Award to identify unique toys, games and books that through their design, quality and character, encourage play that advances language. PAL winners in the hands of kids, spark fun and creative play with lots of talk. Such toys, recognized on the basis of her child development expertise, are complemented by practical coaching in her blog, showing parents how to get the most from toys, games and books to build language and underlying cognitive skills.

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